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Stay Up-to-Date with OHSA Requirements
& Ensure a Safe Workplace with WSPS Training 

If you're not sure what health and safety training is required for your workplace - Save this page to stay up to date on required courses as your business grows.  WSPS provides training for Ontario businesses of all sizes to help you meet OHSA requirements and help you learn about opportunities to build a safer workplace.

  • Register for OHSA Worker and Supervisor Awareness Training 
  • Get required HSR and JHSC training and certification as your business grows
  • Get support navigating OHSA regulations
  • Expand your teams health and safety knowledge with additional training

Online Self-Paced Courses 

Manager Specific  Training

Instructor Led Virtual or In Person Training

Remain Compliant with OHSA Awareness Training 

1-Hour Self-Paced Online Training  

Take these training programs to meet the requirement for basic occupational health and safety awareness training for businesses in Ontario .

About the Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • Employers have a duty to provide information, instruction and supervision to workers, and advise workers about hazards in the workplace.
  • Employers with six or more regularly employed workers also have to develop an occupational health and safety policy and program. 
  • Workers have the right to participate in decisions about health and safety at the workplace, to know about workplace hazards, and to refuse unsafe work.
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How do I enroll myself or others in a course?


Sign up for an account by
registering here. 


Select your courses. You can order for yourself and others. Then complete payment.


Once payment is complete, be sure to go into "My Account" and click on "My Orders" to add yourself or others to the course.

Get Required HSR Training 

 For most Ontario Businesses with 6-19 Workers

 8 hour Self-Paced Online Training  & Certificate 

This training program provides guidance on the powers, functions and duties of the workplace health and safety representative. Reimbursement is available through the Small Business Health and Safety Training Program for businesses that qualify. 

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Register for JHSC Training 

For Ontario Businesses with 20+ Workers

3 Day Online or Classroom Training

As your business grows to 20+ workers you'll need to go beyond having an HSR representative and  set up a Joint Health and Safety Committee made up of supervisors and workers. There are 2 parts to the training so be sure to review what is required. 

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Learn How to Navigate the OHSA
& Understand the Duties as a Supervisor

Once you've completed basic training, these courses help you go beyond to navigate the OHSA regulations as a supervisor. 

Safety Health
& the Law

1-Day Classroom


  • Learn to navigate the OHSA regulations
  • Recognize key duties of workplace parties
  • Identify requirements for reporting and keeping records
  • And more
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Supervisor Responsibilities and Due Diligence

3-4 Hour Self-Paced eCourse


  • Know your responsibilities under the OHSA
  • Create an action plan for your workplace
  • Analyze case studies to expand your understanding
  • And more
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Refresher for Supervisor Responsibilities and Due Diligence

10-minutes Self-Paced Refresher eCourse


  • Covers main themes in half day instructor led course
  • This is a great refresher if needed
  • Be sure to take the Supervisor Responsibilities and Due Diligence course first or for any certificate requirements
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Grow Your Skills as a Supervisor with Additional Training 

Grow your skills in conflict resolution, mental health, workplace injuries amd more.

Accidents & Incidents

Half-Day Virtual or In-Person Training


  • Identify and address gaps in your  program
  • Prevent costly recurrences
  • Reduce future risks and costs
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Violence & Harassment Prevention: Situational Awareness
& De-escalation

3-hour Virtual Training


  • Recognize situations that may put workers and managers in harm's way
  • Learn de-escalation techniques
  • Learn to reduce overall risk and costs

The Effective Supervisor - Building Strategies for Success

2-day Virtual or In-Person Training


  • Go beyond legal responsibilities
  • Gain valueable skills to deal with workplace violence and harrassment
  • Discuss real-life solutions
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