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Using Masks in the Workplace: How to Select, Care and Use to Protect Workers


Complimentary 23 minutes information session delivered via webinar. (Pre-recorded)

Duration: 23 Minutes
Price per person: Free

Webinar Overview

Wearing a mask correctly and consistently is an effective way to prevent getting and spreading COVID 19. This presentation provides information for business owners and employers to help you make decisions about the use of masks in your workplace and how to effectively develop your workplace policies. Learn about workplace controls and where masking fits, and how you can best use masking to protect your employees.

Location: Virtual Initial recording date: September 21, 2022

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This webinar will be of interest to all firms. The target audience may include:

  • Business owners
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Health and safety specialists
  • Joint health and safety committees or health and safety representatives
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Please note: This is a free, pre-recorded 23 minutes webinar.

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