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WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer

Duration: 1 Day

This 1-day in person course qualifies participants and equips them with everything they need to deliver in-house, instructor-led, WHMIS 2015 training to workers. Enroll now!

Classroom WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer
Registration fee per person: $949.00
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  • In-person training sessions at a place near you

This training can also be delivered exclusively for your team online or in-person at your premises at a convenient date & time.

Talk to us for availability and pricing at 1 877 494 WSPS (9777)

Training Overview

Are you ready? WHMIS is being transitioned to WHMIS 2015 with deadlines for full compliance by December 1, 2018.* But did you know your workers may require WHMIS 2015 training now? Get in the know and in compliance, too. For more information, go to

Every worker who may be exposed to chemicals in the course of their employment is required by law to receive information and instruction about WHMIS 2015, including pictograms, labels and safety data sheets (SDSs). It is vital for workers to be able to recognize and use this information and instruction to protect their health and safety.

Some employers will prefer to provide in-house WHMIS 2015 training using a ready-made program to comply with the law. This solution is designed for such employers. It equips participants with the knowledge, skills & resources to deliver generic WHMIS 2015 training in-house to workers.** In effect, it authorizes company trainers to do unlimited, in-house, instructor-led WHMIS 2015 worker training and provides them with everything they need to train the first 10 participants - after this, the customer only needs to buy additional print packages from WSPS.

Each TTT participant receives:

  • 1 participant guide which serves as the leader's guide during in-house worker training
  • 1 additional print package (set of 10 participant guides for workers).
  • The full-colour guide includes review exercises, answer keys plus a final quiz and serves as a valuable resource after training
  • 1 USB containing:
  • A PowerPoint presentation with embedded video clips (Note: You will require the 2010 version of PowerPoint or newer to play the video clips.)
  • A record of attendance  template
  • A certificate of training template

* Federally-regulated employers have until June 1, 2019.

** Generic WHMIS training needs to be supplemented with workplace-specific training that trains workers on the safe use, handling, storage and disposal of the actual hazardous products that the worker may be exposed to.

What topics will be covered?
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  • An overview of the content in the WSPS half-day course, WHMIS 2015 for Workers: Instructor-Led Training while briefly touching on adult learning principles
  • Facilitation methods for successfully delivering the training
  • Suggestions and tips for personalizing the content to their own workplaces and for preparing to deliver the training
What are the benefits?
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Upon completion, you will be able to:

Who is this recommended for?
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  • Managers & supervisors
  • Health & safety professionals
  • Company trainers
  • Others responsible for providing in-house training
What are the prerequisites?
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Prior to taking this course, participants should:

How can training be delivered?
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This course is delivered in a public classroom only.

Please contact Customer Care at 905 614 1400 or 1 877 494 WSPS (9777) for more information about availability.

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