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Ladder Safety Training Course

ecourse Ladder Safety Training Course

Get ladder safety training in 1 hour.  This self-paced online ladder safety training course includes the safe use, selection and care of all ladders including extension/straight ladders, fixed access ladders, tripod orchard ladders, and stepladders. This course aligns with the Ladder Safety Legislation and Regulations in the OHSA and CSA Z-11 Guidelines on Portable Ladders.

Duration: 1 Hour
Price per person: $29.00


Guided by Ladder Safety Legislation and Regulations in the OHSA and CSA Z-11 Guidelines, this self-paced eLearning aims to increase learner awareness of the hazards related to ladder use and the steps one can take to reduce risk of incidents and injury. Specifically, this course offers guidance around identifying and selecting correct ladders, performing ladder inspections, and maintaining and storing ladders.

Additionally, this course provides MLTSD ergonomic guidance for ladder use by addressing MSD hazards and identifying ways to eliminate and/or control to prevent consequential falls and injuries in the workplace.

By learning how to use a ladder properly and understanding the hazards associated to a misuse, workers will be able to perform their tasks safely and avoid injuries.

What topics will be covered?
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This eCourse is comprised of 7 modules and a knowledge check of three questions after completing each module. There is also a final test of 8 questions when the participants have completed all 7 modules.

Topics include:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Ladder Safety Overview
    • Common Ladder Hazards
    • WSIB Ontario Statistics
  • Module 2: Applicable Legislation and Standards
    • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
    • CAN/CSA Z-11 Guidelines on Portable Ladders
  • Module 3: Ladder Selection
    • Materials and Types
    • Selection Precautions
  • Module 4: Ladder Inspections
    • Using the WSPS Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Module 5: Safe Ladder Use & Set-Up Practices
    • General Safety Practices
    • Storage and Maintenance
  • Module 6: Ergonomic Guidance and Ladder Use
    • Select the proper ladder for specific tasks and understanding the related MSD hazards
  • Module 7: Resources
    • Legislation and Standard Resources
    • WSPS Resources
    • References
What are the benefits?
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This eCourse allows participants to:

  • Recognize different hazards associated with ladder use
  • Identify and apply different Ontario legislation and CSA standards associated with ladder use
  • Identify ladder's types and select the correct ladder for specific tasks
  • Conduct ladder safety inspections using the WSPS Ladder Safety Checklist
  • Manage damaged ladders
  • Apply recommended ladder maintenance and storage practices
  • Use and set up different ladders safely
  • Select the proper ladder for specific tasks, understanding the related MSD hazards
Who is this recommended for?
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All workers and supervisors in Ontario that use or supervise work that uses ladders in the workplace. Suitable for all sectors, subsectors and segments.

How can training be delivered?
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This course is delivered as an on-line e-learning course. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet - and you are ready to go! This e-learning course is designed to help you learn at your own pace and in your own environment at your own convenience.

During checkout, you can choose to register as a single learner or select a multiple learner license. With a multiple learner license you will act as an administrator and add learners from your company.

Group Discounts
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The cost is based on the total number of seats purchased. Multi-seat pricing is based on the single user seat price with the following volume discounts applied:

Total Seats
100 - 499
500 - 999

Item Number: ELSO-P3797EN

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