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Chemical Storage Sign (pkg of 3)

Chemical Storage Sign (pkg of 3)

11" x 11" Chemical Storage sign meets "Sign G" requirements in O. Reg 63/09 - Notice and Warning Signs for pesticide storage.

Price per person: $20.00

Reducing the volume of paper we use is part of WSPS’ commitment to helping the environment. Please note that after late December 2023, the Chemical Storage Sign (pkg of 3) print version will no longer be available.

Product Overview

This 11” x 11” Chemical Storage sign is made of durable Coroplast suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and meets the “Sign G” requirements stipulated in Ontario Regulation 63/09 - Notice and Warning Signs for pesticide storage.

This sign is suitable for use as “Sign G”:

  • Near areas where pesticides or other chemicals are stored, including vehicles such as a truck
  • At entrances to the area where pesticides or chemicals are stored
  • In retail stores where stocks of pesticides are stored on upper shelving units in a display area only accessible to store employees using ladders or motorized lifts.

Refer to Ontario Ministry of the Environment “Display and Storage Requirements - Technical Guidance” and O. Reg 63/09 for information on pesticide storage requirements.

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Item Number: 305-002-03-IGSE

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